A Framing Speciesim Update

For those just arriving to this website, Framing Speciesism is a research activism blog written by me, Emily Major, that seeks to explore how we ‘frame’, or think about, animal species. The current project focuses on the framing of the brushtail possum in Aotearoa New Zealand, which is the subject of my doctoral research at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. I have dedicated my life to serve all species of animals – particularly those who are discarded, exploited, or demonised. Thank you for your time!

You may have noticed that there has been a delay in posts to Framing Speciesism… at least I sure did!

‘WRITE A NEW BLOG POST!!!!’ was on my checklist of things to do for what has felt like ages, but now the ‘impossumable’ has happened (I am near the end of my thesis journey), I can focus more of my efforts on publishing and sharing the exciting research that I have found.

So… I am unbelievably happy/relieved/thankful to report that I submitted my thesis for examination in February 2023 and have since been preparing for my thesis defence (which is due to take place next week). As the examination process comes to a close, I have a schedule for more regular blog posts on the Framing of Speciesism with possums.

For those that are interested in reading more about my thesis and what I uncovered, there is a bit longer to wait as I have chosen to embargo my thesis for one year. This decision was made to protect my intellectual property as I work to publish my research in academic journals first. I am working on several manuscripts now, with most of these avenues being targeted towards open-access journals (as I firmly believe that social activism cannot be effective if behind an expensive paywall).

When these articles are officially published, the links will be made available via this blog. I will also discuss what I found in shorter, more digestible blog posts as not all of us have the time to be reading +7,000 word articles.

Thank you for sticking with me and keep watch for new posts coming soon!

Rat mum and author of Framing Speciesism
(and soon-to-be Doctor!)

One thought on “A Framing Speciesim Update

  1. Many congratulations on being so resilient, Emily. Such a valuable research project. So glad you have submitted your thesis and I very much look forward to reading it. I hope your final stages go smoothly and you get a publisher on board as soon as you are ready.


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