‘Possum Purge’: To Cleanse and Purify

‘purge’ from Latin purgare, to “cleanse, make clean; purify” Etymological Dictionary Every year, Paparoa School, an elementary school in Northland, New Zealand, runs a ‘Possum Purge’ fundraiser. The event, referred to as a ‘Gala Day’ is heralded as an opportunity for the community to come together and win some prizes. These prizes are given for variousContinue reading “‘Possum Purge’: To Cleanse and Purify”

Prisoners of War

Content Warning – Animal Cruelty On June 11, 2021, an incredibly distressing video was posted on a personal Facebook account by a user referring to themselves, rather vulgarly, as ‘Rough Cxnts Ltd’. The video showed an extremely stressed brushtail possum tangled in the throes of an tightly-held animal control pole. Horrifying shrieks and screams emanatedContinue reading “Prisoners of War”

‘Voracious’ Appetites

For a few seconds, I held out a blueberry in front of the wooden nest box. My hand shook ever so slightly, I had yet to physically meet a brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) before. A black paw timidly appeared from the darkness and quickly plucked the blueberry from my palm. I peered around the corner,Continue reading “‘Voracious’ Appetites”